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Tips for planning

Usually we regard planning as a list of future actions. I suggest you at the beginning of this year to concentrate on planning emotions. It will help to stay focused on the states and actions, valuable to you.

? Imagine your desirable emotional state. What emotion you would like to experience more often this year? More love, excitement, kindness, belonging, whatever…

? Describe your future feelings, situations connected with it. Try to dream in details: sensations related to that emotion, thoughts, circumstances etc.

? What this emotional state will change in yourself? What a person your are going to be while experiencing this emotion?

? What this emotion will bring to the world, to people around you?

? And the last, but not least.

What small steps you can do EVERY DAY during this week in order to feel this emotion more often? Please, write down your steps and rewards that you`ve got in a form of emotions you wish to experience more. Tracking will keep motivation and connect it to observed small results.

Do not forget about a happiness trap, we cannot be happy all the time, and chasing it will be exhausting.

But we can do planning and follow our values to make an everyday life more meaningful.


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