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Stress management in everyday life

Instability seems to become a norm of an everyday life now. Anxiety is a normal response of our mind and body to uncertain situations. But if uncertainty follows us everyday, then anxious thoughts can be exgaгsting. Psychotherapy is helpful in managing our reactions to stress.

We cannot avoid anxiety but we can broaden an own set of reactions, ways to cope with it. Usually anxiety makes us think about negative situations from the past or possible future threats. During psychotherapy one learns to stay in present mindfully, been aware of one`s own anxiety but trying nevertheless to do other meaningful things in life.

Psychotherapy is a challenge and an opportunity of personal growth, better contact with oneself. Mindful attitude to an inner state helps to live a meaningful life even with some level of anxiety and stress, to deal with intrusive thoughts and unpleasant feelings.

I counsel since 2002 in emotional focused approach and recently I`ve got a lot of requests about anxious states, much more than usual. I decided to share with you what benefits a client can get from a psychotherapy in terms of stress management and coping strategies.

Please ask any questions about psychotherapy process in a case of anxiety messages.

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