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Psychotherapy for international couples

An international marriage, or transnational marriage, is a marriage of two people from different countries. Being in such a couple can be challenging.

My name is Hanna, I`m a psychotherapist counseling in Kyiv. I provide sessions for couples and international spouses are not rare.From one side, national background can make you experience in a couple more reach. From other side differences might provoke tension between spouses.I counsel in an emotion focused family approach. We regard relationships as based on attachment and bonding between partners.I prepared some tips to build strong and healthy relationships in an international couple.

1) Be aware about differences, go into them and explore. Try to be open and non-judgmental to each other.

2) Let your relationships develop step by step. Do not push them. Because of cultural differences probably need more time to get to know each other.

3) Visit native countries of each other, het to know about traditions and values.

4) Be honest about your expectations and at the same time be open towards the fact that your partner can make you happy in his own unique way.

5) Remember that honest and stable attachment will help to go through any current difficulties.

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Hanna Usatenko, psychotherapist

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