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How to find a therapist in Kyiv?

A guide for expatriates

No one argues that expatriation is a challenge. New rules, a different mindset of locals, unfamiliar ambiance could cause a feeling of uncertainty and disquiet in newcomers. While Ukraine is moving towards international cooperation, so more and more foreigners come to this country to work in different fields. Besides social support and guidance, psychotherapy is a useful part of a modern approach to employee`s adaptation.

What to expect from psychotherapy in Ukraine? To start, therapeutic counseling is provided without licensing in Ukraine up to now. It is a weak point in local professional standards, but we can explicit the main issues, helpful to choose an appropriate professional .

Education. Surely it is recommended to pay attention whether a psychotherapist has a basic medical or psychological high education. There appeared several educational institutions that advertise one-two year psychotherapy courses with a certification afterwards. But without basic university education, knowing of human psychophysiology, menta health and social sciences, the quality of such an education seems doubtful.

Experience. Exploring specialist`s experience, pay attention to reviews, projects completed and services for international organizations. Only duration of a work period might not say how often a specialist did consult clients during years of practice mentioned in his CV.

Insurance coverage. Currently Ukrainian insurance companies do not cover psychological services in any package. But if your insurance agency accepts invoices from private entrepreneurs then it could be a verification of your costs to be refunded.

Cost and payment. Mostly a session cost is lower than in Europe and the United States. It is usually between 30 up to 100 USD and a session duration is fifty-sixty minutes. As far as mostly psychologists in Ukraine are private practitioners you will be expected to pay cash in local currency, USD or EUR.

The first contact. Mostly you contact a private practitioner directly via a phone number in the advertisement. It is suggested to ask about all arrangements before your first session: a place address, way of payment, cancellation terms etc. Usually Ukrainian therapists work without an administrator and accept payment by themselves.

International practice. Nevertheless Ukraine is a big country moving to European standards in services as well. International institutions and professional trainers exchange experience with local psychotherapists as well. So definitely there are well-educated professionals dedicated to their job. Anyway there exist common standards of cognitive behavioral approach to reducing anxiety and stress, for example. If your therapist works in traditional psychotherapy field and is open to your questions and doubts than you are free to talk about the process of a therapy and gain a real therapeutic alliance with your consultant.

Covid issues. Mostly therapists suggest online and offline format, depending on client`s preferences.

And to resume, throughout the world one chooses services according to own preferences and needs. And it is normal that the same specialist was helpful in one case but not in other. So it is worth to seek for a therapy in Ukraine, as far it is a helpful adaptation tool. And to find truly yours professional and trustful personality to work with.

Author: Hanna Usatenko, psychologist, Kyiv, 2020,

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