My story

About me
I am a private practitioner  — a psychologist with an experience in public sector, business and mental health system providing modern and supportive psychotherapy for individuals and families. I started to counsel in 2002 and have got a private practice in Kyiv and Brovary region since 2009.

I work in an emotional focused approach and use cognitive-behavioral methods as well. I help a client to explore feelings and cognitive sphere to integrate different aspects of his/her social and inner life as a whole, cope with life changes and empower oneself. In case of parent-child counseling we explore attachment issues, child development, emotional intelligence and behavior patterns.

My values

My professional value is taking care about family mental health as well as individual mental wellness.

I am concerned that every client obtains his own unique coping skills and ways to manage life situations. I provide psychological support to children, adults, couples and families relying upon their experience, life values and current requests.

Areas of expertise

Individual counseling  for youth and adults:

  • regulate emotional disturbances,
  • coping with loss and grief,
  • therapeutic help in panic attacks and phobias,
  • overcoming life crises,
  • relationship issues etc.

Couple and family therapy

Parent-child therapy

I also provide family psychological support and counseling for children and parents about different child psychology issues:

  • development assessment,
  • emotional troubles and behavior problems in children and teenagers,
  • poor relationship with parents or caregivers,
  • attachment disorders,
  • counseling for adopted children and foster parents.
  • work with couples about relationship changes, family conflicts solving, sexuality issues and other requests.

Social skills and emotional management training

for schoolchildren, youth, social workers and educational professionals.

I provide training for children, teenagers and youth

  • about self-esteem,
  • assertiveness,
  • conflict-solving,
  • team work
  • stress management for children, parents, social professionals,
  • stop-bulling skills.

I am open for cooperation with insurance companies, social structures and NGOs.

My confidentiality policy

We work in a classical family therapy and gestalt approaches. By Ukrainian laws we do not prescribe or sell any medicines. Every client is acquainted with a psychotherapy agreement during the 1st meeting.

Payment and insurance

Cash, Visa and Mastercard are ok. Currently do not cover an insurance but open for the cooperation with insurance companies. Invoices are provided by request.

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You can find clients reviews on my Google page

or at this site (in Ukrainian and Russian)

Languages of counseling:  Ukrainian, English, Russian.

More about cost and conditions of a therapy

My contacts (appointment  by request):

 +38 067 721 3971, Saksaganskogo, 36B, Kyiv (near Lva Tolstogo metro station).

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